Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rights of the Dead by Tricia Yeoh

Like many Malaysians, I had followed closely the developments of the Teoh Beng Hock case, who mysteriously fell to his death while being summoned as a witness by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Corruption to assist in the investigation of a minor case involving an opposition party politician.

I thought I knew everything about the case. Indeed the film shred no further insights into the case, but what I did not expect was the extend to which I could be moved by the film. What really stood out in the film was the human elements - the grief and anger of the people that are close to Beng Hock was especially hard hitting.

3 years has gone by, a Royal Commission was setup for it. But yet the case remained unresolved, at least not in the heart and mind of the people. There was a terrible sense of injustice, and the farcical and almost comical inquiries only fueled the anger of the people.

This film made me realized just how deep seated the anger towards the unholy trinity of the executive, the judiciary and the police runs. The footage of our prime minister promising the people "The whole truth, nothing but the truth" almost made me wanted to throw a rotten egg at some rotten somebody.

Thanks Tricia, for producing this excellent film. And congratulation for being a winner of the Freedom Film Fest Festival.

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