Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Money (6): Money - the Root of All Evil?

As elaborated in Money (4): There are more Debt than Money in our Economy, the one single defining characteristics of our current debt based monetary system is the chase for profits. The private banks that control money creation will only extend credit to a borrower when it is certain the borrower is able to eventually repay the loan plus interest.

This is the most fundamental reason why a subprime crisis in U.S. can trigger a near meltdown of the whole world. All of a sudden the banks stopped lending – because they don’t know who will survive the crisis. It created a self-fulfilling prophecy, which almost sent the whole world back to the great depression of 1929.

The farms are still bearing fruits, the factories are still fully operational, and the workers are able- bodied and willing to work. But the whole system came to standstill because a few private banks stopped lending. Such is the fallacy and insanity of our monetary system.

The massive money printing by the various Central Banks somehow prevented the world from sinking into the deadly deflational spiral, but at the expense of pilling massive debt to the respective governments. This is a classic proverbial kicking the can down the road scenario. Many analysts are already warning that a much bigger crisis is looming in the horizon. The sovereign debt crisis as we witnessed in Europe is only a foreshadow of what is to come.

Money may not be the root of all evils – but the current monetary/banking system practiced all over the word is definitely evil to the utmost degree. It is the mechanism that continuously and relentlessly funnels wealth and power towards the top. It is pointless to talk about changing the government without reforming the very mechanism that permeates all aspects of our life, corrupting everything along its way.

You may think that this subject is too vast and too encompassing, and that there seemingly nothing you can do about it as an individual. But think again. There has been enough ground swell that over threw many well established regimes in recent years. But so what if we managed to vote the old corrupt government out? The hyper rich tycoons – the real power brokers that work hand and glove with the corrupt law makers will remain untouched. They will continue to pull the strings behind the scene, corrupting everything they touched. The new government will have its hands tied in addressing the issue of wealth polarization that is tearing the world apart.

The least you can do is to educate yourself with this all issue important and spread the awareness. The reform movement is happening. If you Google “monetary reform”, you will see all sorts of groups popping up all over the world. Something big is brewing. A monetary reform to make money serving the interest of the people rather than a few elites will be incomparably more significant than throwing out a few corrupt officers.

"The world economies are held hostage by the financial terrorists. They are withholding credit-money -- the only kind of money most people think there is -- starving economies everywhere of the grease that enables commerce and provides working opportunities. But, the question must now be asked, forcefully and urgently: Should banks be allowed exclusive rights to produce the world's money supply?" Huffingtonpost - The Instant Solution to the New Depression: Debt Free Money
Below are some additional resources. Search "monetary reform", you will see many, many more.

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