Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are we in for another May 13?

I was furious and alarmed by the news that 3 churches were being fire-bombed over the Allah issue. I was not angry at the Muslims. No – I don’t believe that Muslims are behind the bombing.

There were a lot of hot air, a lot of rousing speeches surrounding the Allah banning issue – as if the whole Muslim world were mightily offended and up in arms against the recent court ruling that non-Muslim can use the word Allah. There were even threats of a massive demonstration, which the Prime Minister and the Home Minister deemed justifiable (see Malaysiakini).

But whatever happened to the demonstration? As reported in Malaysiakini - only a few dozen here and there participated in the demonstration. It was really pitifully small compared to a ceramah by Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim. So where were the angry Muslims?

From the onset – the Allah issue was artificially drummed up. The Christian Church had used Allah for over 50 years in Malaysia. Has anybody heard of a single incident of a Muslim gotten confused, doped, cheated, confounded, mislead over its use? Were there any cases of police reports regarding this BEFORE the Home Ministry brought up the issue?

Apart from a handful of UMNO politicians and pro-Barisan Nasional NGO’s blowing a lot of hot air, PAS president Nik Aziz as well as many learned and revered Muslim authorities have already expressed their views that Allah should not be ban for non-Muslims.

It was completely obvious to me that right from the beginning there was never a religious or racial issue. I had thought that with PAS and Pakatan Rakyat standing firm on the side of reason nothing much would come of it.

The arson attacks on 3 Churches came as a complete surprise to me. I was terribly angry – not with the Muslims. I never believe that religious motives were behind this whole saga. My anger was towards Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the many politicians from Barisan Nasional for irresponsibly stirring up racial sentiments out of a non-issue.

The arson attacks are so out of proportion that one could not help but suspect some sinister agendas behind the scene. I don’t want to make any conjecture least I got hauled up with sedation charges. Is this going to lead to another May 13 or land Malaysia into military rule? I don’t’ believe so, although I don’t rule out that some really sick and really powerful people may be plotting something of such nature.

Put it this way. Malaysia is in deep problem right now. Our social, political, economic and judiciary systems have been in rapid decline. We simply could not afford a major disruption of such nature. I believe that the Christians and other non-Muslims have enough good sense that they will not react with violence. I believe that the Pakatan Rakyat state government and many good people in the police force are doing what they can to maintain peace. I believe there are enough good people with good judgments working hard to prevent more violence from happening.

This is a shameful day for Malaysia indeed. This incident is going to put Malaysia in the spotlight of the world media for the wrong reason. It makes a complete mockery of Najib’s 1Malaysia initiatives. It deals another blow to Najib, who is already suffering from major credibility problems.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Despite the constant drumming of politically motivate racial rhetoric; we have seen many voices of moderation at work as well. One lesson we can learn from this saga is that we don’t have racial problems as such. All racial tensions are stirred up intentionally to serve the interest of a few people in power.

This is a time of reflection and reconciliation. It is touching to see PAS and a few Muslim groups kick into action right away to raise fund to rebuild the churches that suffered damage from the attack. This is the most significant inter-faith cooperation that I witnessed in Malaysia. This is the type of spirit that we need to rebuild our beloved country from the ashes.


Anonymous said...

let the v oice of reason prevail. burning crosses is what the KuKluxKlan does, and who wants to be associated with that sort of people<

stephen said...

What an irony. The ruling goverment
with its racist tactics tries all it's best to create disharmony. The opposition on the other hand preach
unity and help in restoring harmony among all the various religious groups. We got the wrong people governing the country.

Anonymous said...

hey're damn racist!damn racist than the UMNO goons... it is clear that u're playing with sentiments and this issue trying to make it worst! how dare you play with security issue? it's so easy to relate this to 13th may. what's your point actually? i'll report this to the police!

telur dua said...

More foreign investments will make a detour to neighbouring countries.

UMNO really and truly shaft themselves and the country this time. They must be very pleased.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous@Jan.9, 8.31pm,

Ooooo, I think the writer is pretty scared now and probably shitting in his pants by your threat to report his article to the police for....inciting hatred and threatening national security just because the writer mentions May 13? While you are making the police report, why don't you also make another report against some malay NGOs who publicly mentioned the threat of May 13 when they demanded the DAP Kulasegaran to apologize for questioning malay rights in parliament?

By the way, I think there are not sufficient police to look into your 2 reports (one against the writer and the other against the malay NGOs) since the PIG (police inspector general) already mentioned he does not have enough cops to patrol the churches.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Investor's Vietnam here we come.

Anonymous said...

1. This kind of incident will drive away tourist.

2. Foreign investors will also make a U-turn.

3. KLSE will suffer for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

We are a small muslim group from a nearby kampong. We are sad to hear about the burning of the churches.

We wants to contribute to the rebuilding of the churches. Please can anyone tell me where do we send our contributions. Please don't suggest any newspaper company.

We are not angry at all with the people against the churches. We 'doa' that Allah would put some sense in their head so that they could repent before their last breath.

To our christian friends, we admire your strength during these period of tribulation. We share your sorrows and together we shall 'doa' that this ugly event shall quickly come to pass. Amin.

Anonymous said...

I'm a devout PAS supporter, I supported PAS since I was 12! You know what is the difference between PAS and UMNO?

UMNO incites hatred, when they justify things it always about the supreme of one race. But PAS, they always refer to the Quran..Quran tells us, non-muslims can say the word Allah, can use it and we are suipposed to say "Alhamdulillah" of their willing!

This makes Tn haji hadi agrees over the usage..simply because the Quran allows!

You see, PAS has a strong reason, but UMNO hasn't!

Anonymous said...

over at the kopitiam, we were absolutely confused as to why the government would think the muslims would be confused.

now, if a Christian prays to Allah, and muslims believer Allah is exclusively to that of Islam, isn't that wonderful? Christians who prays in the name of Allah, the merciful is then subservant to Islam. Why would one find that offensive? Wouldn't a good muslim would champion the cause of Islam that someday, in a peaceful manner, cause for all mankind be praying to Allah?

Or does Islam forbids a person who had not professed as a muslim to pray to Allah? I am confused indeed.

Anonymous said...

We know that we can't fight back but to offer our other cheek! What to do but to pray hard in seeking the devine help.

Anonymous said...

1. u know why USA is still a strongarm even now, when its financial crisis is crippling it? Because, the whole world uses US-Dollar in their international transaction, in their reserves.

2. u know why England's English internationally used even though Great Britain is struggling all in their last part of the last decade? Because, the whole world uses English Language. ( vis a vis Malaysia's 'weird'England language)

3. with the above 2-historic trends, whats wrong with allowing other religions use 'Allah' in their divine teachings? Muslim can address 'Allah swt' if we cannot share. We can spread use of 'Allah' and be proud of the widespread effect just like (1) and (2).

Gosh think of this situation as Glass Half Full rather than Glass Half Empty. Remember - cetusan 513 may also bring maut to our dear ones ( only those sickos who have IGP's bodyguarding stay healthy and alive. Siapa nak bela nasib kita Rakyat???!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think the majority Malay Muslims are not confused when the Christian used the word Allah in their monthly magazine.Its only a few BASTARDS politicians said that.Why the Indonesians(220 millions),Arab countries etc.are not confused.Why only Malaysian Muslim get confused?

Yamashita said...

Malaysia is becoming more and more like Indonesia during Suharto's era.

wsxwhx702 said...

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