Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chicken ala Carte

This is the winner of 56th Berlin Film Festival for best short story, it is also the most viewed entry at Culture Unplugged.

The backdrop of the story is poverty and imbalance in wealth distribution, but the essential message is the simple love and caring in the humblest circumstance.

This is a simply story, an everyday happening right at our backyard. But one cannot help but be touched, because the unnamed impulse to love and to share is inherent in all being, always yearning to break free. And loving and caring for one another does not require a lot of material resources.

This is the type of heart awakening that is require to turn around the profound crisis that humanity is facing now. I think this film will make an excellent theme for the people power movement.

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Anonymous said...

I hv bin in that country for many yrs and u can see millions of poor people in every part of the country especially in the city where children as young as 4 yrs go out begging and scrounging for food. So for those hu r lucky before u waste yr food unnecessarily just think of them.