Saturday, April 12, 2008

MCA – please wake up to what the rakyat is demanding

I have family members, relatives and good friends who are MCA members. I always despised politics, especially the Barisan Nasional politics, but I had reserved a soft spot in my heart for MCA, even volunteered to help out in the 1999 election. But whatever feelings I had for MCA has all but gone now.

I never thought much about politics, but I had been able to close an eye on it. I was annoyed by the ultra-radical rhetoric of UMNO youth, the keris waving etc, but I never quite believed in it. For me it was only a song and dance for some silly people to move up the rank in a crazy game called politics. I see that the politicians, the warlords and the Chinese tycoons and Ali Baba’s are so dependent on each other in minting their money and robbing the country that nobody really wants to rock the boat too much.

But the recent antics of some MCA leaders have got me fuming mad. I am referring to the PAS/Islam bashing announcements, calling DAP the traitor of the Chinese for going to bed with PAS etc. I don’t think many Chinese would take statements like these seriously, as everybody can see that the Chinese was never so well represented in the new government. But our Malay brothers and sisters are in a much more precarious situation. The welfare of the ordinary Malay – in fact any ordinary nobody regardless of race – was never really looked after by BN, and now all of a sudden they are faced with a new government with even less Malay representations.

I am not sure whether MCA is so dumb to not see this, or whether it is just a bunch of bankrupt politicians looking for cheap publicities. But statements like these that incite religious and racial tensions are downright irresponsible and dangerous in the current delicate situation. I consider these to be infinitely more sinister and dangerous than UMNO’s keris waving antics.

MCA – please wake up. The rakyat have spoken loud and clear in GE 12 that we don’t want race politics anymore. DAP and PAS, and indeed the whole Pakatan Rakyat has demonstrated their willingness to listen to the rakyat and made tremendous progress in finding a middle ground where all race and religions can cooperate and live in harmony. Please work with the rakyat to build a better tomorrow for all.


novice101 said...

MCA keeps on engaging in playing the race card and intends on fanning racial sentiments because it doesn't know what else it can do to remain relevant. It finds itself unable to break clean from the race-based philosophy it has picked for it existence. Now, the GE12 result renders this irrelevant and MCA has not been able to find an feasible solution to make itself relevant to the present society.

It's an act of desperation, this realization must have cost the MCA leaders sleepless nights.

If it continues to beat this racial 'dead horse' and continues to cling to this outdated relation with UMNO, its demise will come sooner than later.

It may want to consider this option - break clean from UMNO and get the other remaining component parties to form a new party and be an alternative to the People's Front.

For the MCA leaders to realise they need the rakyat more than the rakyat needs them, now, must be frightening. But that is the new political reality.

Andrew Toh said...

As far as most chinese are concern, MCA has lost its relevance. Were just a bunch of politician of a running dogs! When rejected they got kalam kalibut and lost their hold. Dulu jilat bola, now? Donno what to jilat?

Bao said...

One needs to change to make a difference. "Putting old wine in new bottle" or "change the soup and not changing the medicine" will not make any difference - it remains unchange !!

PJ Boy said...

I want to speak on a neutral ground, but I sincerely don't think I am.

For me, MCA has never been about "sincere" politicians fighting for the rights of the Chinese. I have always had the view that most of them are in there for the money. Whether through contracts or contacts that they get while in power.

Some people used tell me, vote MCA for a voice of the Chinese in the parliament. I reply, what voice? a voice to help umno bash up the opposition who defend us or another vote in parliament when umno decides to pass a law that does not benefit us.

So, voting for MCA was never a choice for me. It probably NEVER occurred to me to vote for MCA, EVER. If my views represent what an average citizen thinks, I think MCA should know what the people think, or they probably are not in touch with the people.

Too Chic said...

MCA are not only racist, but sexist and discriminative. You are not only judge by your race, but also gender and education. So as a English educated Chinese woman, I will never be accepted to be on the same level as the men in the party. You expect a bunch of chauvinistic pigs to fight for the Chinese!? I'm also quite confused...fight and defend the Chinese from who ah? Oh, that's right, the Malays which are represented by the big boss UMNO! If this is not sleeping with the enemy is it!?

Humble Voice said...

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